Upcoming Events for April 2014

With Spring finally here, more and more cool events are popping up on the radar and it’s time to start getting back to these posts highlighting some of the great things going on not only in the Capital Region, but within a few hours’ drive for you likeminded beer travelers as well. April is jam packed, let’s take a look:

Founder KBS Release at Errwhere | April 2nd
Don’t worry if you missed this on bottles. This should be on draft at several locations in the Capital Region (it was on at The Ruck when I stopped by last night), City Beer Hall should have it on during and after their Wild Game Dinner featuring Founders (date TBA) and I’m sure Lionheart and maybe even The Factory will get it again. The coffee notes in KBS fade fairly quickly and as such, I suggest drinking it fresh as often as you can this month.

StoutFest at Armsby Abbey | April 5th
A no brainer event. If you haven’t gone, go. Always the best lineup of stouts you will see in the Northeast year after year. It’s two hours away, so have a DD, get a hotel, do what you gotta do. KBS will be on here as well, and if you are going to the Founders Breakfast you will be one of the lucky ones to get some of the last CBS on the planet, not to mention all of the other sick beers on this lineup.

Session Beer Day | April 7th
A much needed break from my past week’s over the top stouts and IPAs, Session Beer Day celebrates kicking back and relaxing with a flavorful, low alcohol brew. Expect a nice gueuze in my hand that day.

New York State Beer Social at The Lionheart | April 10th
A New York Craft Beer focused lineup feature local faves Captain Lawrence, Crossroads, Nine Pin, Rushing Duck, etc.

Hill Farmstead / Grassroots Brewing at Farmhouse Tap and Grill | April 16th
Twenty three lines plus bottles of some of the best beer on the planet. Not much more to say here. Just do it.

AOA’s 6th Birthday @ The Malt Room | April 16th
Free snacks, cake, blogger peeps.

Nor’yeaster Sour Event at Two Roads | April 19th
Two Roads is releasing three beers this day: Crazy Pucker, Urban Funk, and Henry’s Farm. Worth checking out, I’m sure.

Cheese 101 at The Cheese Traveler | April 23rd
Nice little intro to cheese, cheesemaking, some history behind the styles, etc. Another class is slated for May as well.

Ommegang Game of Thrones Feast at The City Beer Hall | April 24th
Take The Black Stout and Fire and Blood (plus other Ommegang beer) paired with Wild Game dishes served feast-style.

TAP NY @ Hunter Mountain | April 26th-27th
A truly great celebration of New York State craft beer. Some one off beers you do not usually see, and some breweries from the further region of the State we can’t usually get our hands on. Plus corn dogs.

Nine Pin Cider Dinner at One Six Five | April 30th
Four course dinner with pairings from Nine Pin Cider. A great introduction to our local cidery if you haven’t gotten the chance to check them out yet.

Team Upstate NY Gang Bang BIF Round 5 #UpstateBang

This weekend came the day we were all waiting so anxiously for: The Team Upstate NY Gang Bang. (For a little more background on the Gang Bang Beer-It-Forward, check out the packing party post here.) Team SoCal sent to us, which meant a shit ton of great Alesmith, Firestone Walker, and The Bruery verts and horizontals were in store for us that day, along with a ton of other awesome beer and shirt and glass swag too.
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Hunahpu Weekend

With Hunahpu Day on the horizon I’ve had a few people reach out to me for recommendations on what else to do while in Tampa for the weekend. I’ve teased some of these pictures from our trip to Florida last year in the past but I’ve never actually done a post on the weekend so I figured now is as good of a time as any to share these pictures while giving a few recommendations.

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Around Town at Saratoga Beer Week

Just a short post today. Friday Richard and I headed up to Saratoga to check out a few of the events going on for Saratoga Beer Week.

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Good Food and Drink in Washington, DC

Naturally in between all of the great sights we visited while in DC, we needed to take a break and check out some of the great places to eat and drink in the city. We were only there for a few days so clearly we have a lot more to explore on our next trip, but these were some of our favorites this time around.

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Team Upstate NY Packing Party Part 2

A few of us had the day off on Monday so some of the Team got together to finish packing up the rest of the beer and swag to send out to our Gang Bang targets. Some lucky sons of bitches are going to be receiving these bad boys sometime next week, with another box of fresh IPAs coming along a week before their bang date next month.
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Dark Horse Beefsteak Dinner at McGreivey’s

Thursday night was the latest of Jared Kingsley of Remarkable Liquids’ beer dinners, this time at McGreivey’s in Waterford, featuring the beers from Dark Horse Brewing Company. Dark Horse, out of Marshall, MI, is known in the craft beer circles for their citrusy IPAs and big, roasty stouts. Oh, and turning down having their beer featured in a Nickleback video because “It’s shit rock and roll that doesn’t deserve to be on the radio”. Just awesome.

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Tom Tarry is the Beer Czar of the Interwebs

the fuj.:

I’m not one to reblog things around here, but you gotta check out dontdrinkbeer taking on Tom ‘Taint’ Tarry after his comments here on FujOnTap earlier this week. Priceless.

Originally posted on dontdrinkbeer:

You do not fuck with Tom Tarry. I know you are probably thinking “who in the name of taint sweat is Tom Tarry?” oh, I don’t know JUST THE SWOLEST FLEXER IN THE RESULTS GROUP:


If I have learned one thing recently, Tom Tarry will kick your nutsack inside out and turn it into a nice set of inverted ovaries if you attempt to talk shit on any of his beer events. Last week, FujonTap posted a satirical post calling out shitty beerfests:


In the original post, he used a photo that is ultra-copyrighted, def. not subject to fair use, completely private jpeg that wasn’t even available for viewing by everyone on the entire fucking internet. Except it was. Despite this, Tom Tarry turned off his Scandal marathon and hit the streets for some serious n0x litigation pumps and posted this:


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