Vermont Beer Run Take 2 [Road Trip]

My second trip to get Heady topper. This day was good, but could have gone a lot better.



  • Rock Art beers weren’t really worth the drive. Really, getting my stamp was the best part of that stop, sadly
  • Parking in Burlington sucks
  • American Flatbread is way too expensive for what it is
  • Having shitty shit T-Mobile service and not having GPS for the way home and kinda getting lost
  • Taking the wrong side of Lake Champlain on the way home because of ^
  • Being tired as fuck and barely keeping awake on the drive home because the install of CM7 on my phone the night before took too damn long.
  • Running out of diesel minutes away from my house (and pooch who had been in the crate all day) and then it taking an hour for my fuel pump to prime itself after AAA brought diesel.

OK, that about covers it. That being said, while I love having a fridge stocked with Heady Topper, after how much of a pain in the ass this experience was it’s definitely going to be a while before I make another trip to VT again.

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