Dreadnaught IPA – Three Floyds Brewing Co. [Beer Review]

Jay came over before the game on Sunday to do a beer review. Let’s get this out of the way: there are two epic things going on in this video. 1) The beer. 2) THESE MUTTONCHOPS. I pretty much couldn’t stop laughing hysterically (maniacally) every time I looked at myself that day. Waaay too funny.

OK, back to business. I think this is my first time on Jay’s Beer Review since… Mancamping? Does that sound right? Damn. Been a while. Anyways, I got to share this phenomenal beer from 3 Floyds called Dreadnaught, a Double IPA weighing it at 9.5% ABV and 99 IBUs. As you can tell from my reaction at first sip I was pretty floored by this beer. It’s ranked #10 on Beer Advocate for the style, behind beers such Heady Topper and Pliny the Younger/Elder (neither of which I’ve head yet, but they’re very high on the want list). The more I think of it, the more I want to say the malts in this beer make it a more well-balanced beer than Heady Topper, but Heady Topper still eeks out the win.

Being Super Bowl and all I had to try out a couple new recipes that I’ll cover later in the week. On to the text review:

Serving Type – 22oz bottle a friend received in a trade. Poured into a Perfect Pint glass modified with a Giants logo (sticker) for Super Bowl Sunday.

Appearance: Amber with a slightly cloudy appearance. 

Smell: Hop bomb with strong citrus aroma.

Taste & Mouthfeel: Tons of hops and a nice malty backend. Very deceiving alcohol content. Malty sweet finish that’s lacking from my current DIPA fave: Heady Topper.

Overall: This doesn’t knock Heady Topper of its crown for me but comes really close if not possibly even a tie. If I had the chance to try this again I would love to taste the two side by side to see which was king.

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