Do Not Drink This – Narragansett Bock

I implore you. OK, well maybe once. Just to try it and then never drink again, mmk?

JD picked this up from Manchester Discount Beverage along with a Rock Art variety pack (more on that pile of poo later) and a couple of four packs of Heady Topper for Jay and I. Without knowing anything about the beer you could imagine that it might one of these new awesome craft beers in a can that have been popping up the past couple of years like Oskar Blues, 21st Amendment, Butternuts, Sixpoint (mostly). NOPE! Do not make this mistake. This is anything but.

JD had a few sips, couldn’t stand it and passed the glass to me. Having never turned down a beer in my life, I accepted. Wrong move. I drank about half of it and poured the rest out int he sink. This stuff was awful, which is a shame because that can is badass as fuck. Try again ‘Gansett.

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