Hi! Just looked around your tumblr earlier today and one of the first things I noticed is the picture of your beer collection. If there’s any way you would want to part with a bottle of Alchemist Luscious, let me know! I have more than enough good/rare/hard to attain beers to give you in return! :D Check out the link at the top of my tumblr for the beers I have to trade. Thanks!

I only have two bottles of Luscious and two bottles of Heretic. Neither of them have I tried yet, and I plan on doing that soon. With only one bottle left of this beer that’s never going to be released again (at least not under the circumstances that the Hell or High Water beers were) it would have to be some really rare or special for me to give one up. I’ll take a look at your list but chances are pretty slim.

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