Oskar Blue’s Deviant Dale’s IPA [#Beertography]

My third to last can of the  4 pack I picked up at Westmere Beverage. If you like Dale’s, you like Deviant Dale’s. If you don’t like Dale’s, well, you’re no friend of mine. The first can I had I wasn’t a huge fan of, such potent bitterness, punch in yer face hoppiness I just wasn’t expecting. I shifted my expectations and the next two cans went down smoother. My opinion of the beer has gone up. 

In other OB news, A) they’re opening up a brewery in North Carolina, which is totally road trip distance. This trip will happen, probably within the month they open up if I have my say in the matter. I’m an OB fanatic you guys know this. B) They just started canning their B. Stiff & Sons Old Fashioned Root Beer, available now at their online store. Unforch it’s only available by the case at $43 a pop (ouch). Who wants to split a case?

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