Hunter, NY: TAP NY 2012 Judging and Awards [#TAPNY] –

OK, I’m not really going to get much into the awards themselves, that’s been posted all over the interwebs and isn’t much news at this point. But judging was pretty interesting for me from a photographer’s perspective as it gave me a chance to really try to capture the actions, expressions, and reactions of a very diversified group that was for once wasn’t a moving target but was still being very lively and for the most part full of character.
A couple of the notable judges were my buddy Jay from Jay’s Beer Review (a first time judge). You can check out his video here on judging here. Another judge, Chef Marcus Guiliano from Aroma Thyme Bistro in Ellenville really hammed it up for the camera and was a fun subject to take pictures of. Definitely gotta check out Aroma Thyme sometime soon; the place looks absolutely fantastic.

I’m not familiar with any of the other judges on the panel but if you’re know them feel free to to send them the link. You can check out about 30 more pics here.

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