Three Floyds Brewing Co. – Dreadnaught IPA [#Beertography]

We reviewed this beer back on Super Bowl Sunday on Jay’s Beer Review so I’m not going to go into a full review or anything. It was no less than fucking fantastic. This is one of those beers that I’m on the fence about and I go back and forth between this and Heady Topper being my all time fave DIPA. I just can’t make a decision and it usually comes down to whatever I’m drinking that day.

HT has this tidal wave of hops but without so much bitter found in a lot of DIPAs because there’s also a ton of grapefruit and orange juice flavor to it. Dreadnaught comes back with almost as much hops with a bunch of mango flavor but has this extremely well-balance malty back-end that Heady Topper just can’t match.

I think I’ll just have to suffer through it and just keep drinking both.

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