Really enjoy your blog man. (John Kimmich brought me here) What do you shoot with?

This is awesome. To think that one of my favorite brewers has even a millisecond of time to devote to linking/reposting/retweeting/etc. my little blog is amazing and I’m extremely thankful for that. In fact, while I answer this (twist my arm) I’m going to go ahead and crack open a Heady Topper right now in my appreciation:

As for my equipment, most of my older posts are taken with a Panasonic LX3 (which was later replaced by the LX5), a great little prosumer point-and-shoot that gets all the way down to f/2.0 which is pretty good for shallow depth of field and in locations like in bars with really crappy lighting. I still have a bunch of pictures in my queue from the old Panny so you’ll see some of these come up in my feed every once in a while (like the Rock Art post from earlier this week).

I’ve since upgraded to an older Nikon D80 that I snagged for ridiculously cheap on Craigslist. Half the price it would have cost me to get a refurbished D90 that I really want, and it came with a battery grip, extra battery, the 18-135mm lens and some other odds and ends. That zoom lens doesn’t really get much love since, as I’ve stated with the Panny, shallow depth of field and crappy lighting are mostly what I shoot with, so I use a hand me down nifty 50 that’s probably 20 years old at this point. It’s the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AF and it’s taken a little getting used to for framing my shots since I have to actively move forwards or backwards instead of just rotating the lens barrel to zoom. I couldn’t be happier with the shots it takes though, and most importantly, it was free! Most of my shooting from now on will be with the D80/50mm, but the LX3 is going to stick around for those occasions when I need to be a little more discrete and the D80 is completely over the top.

Lastly, there are a few times when I’m way too excited about something I have going on and I want to get it on my blog to brag about it as it’s happening (like today with the Lawson’s Finest release). For these pictures I just use my Galaxy S phone (unfortunately) which doesn’t take the greatest pictures at all but you guys get the drift. I’m hoping to upgrade later next month, but until then I’ll usually follow up a day like today with some better pics from the D80 and a long form post.

Sorry if that was a little long-winded, but I hope I answered your question the fullest. Thanks again for visiting and keep an eye on “fuj on tap”, I have a lot of interesting and exciting beer events lined up for this summer!

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