Troy, NY: Oskar Blues Night at The Ruck

My response to the event invite on FB pretty much sums up how I feel about OB:

Oskar Blues was one of the first breweries I became a huge fan boy over. I loved the way they basically gave a big “eff you” to all of the craft beer snobs out there that said good beer doesn’t come in cans. Now look at all of the breweries doing craft cans. Here’s a few:

  • 21st Amendment
  • The Alchemist
  • Avery
  • Brooklyn
  • Cigar City
  • DC Brau
  • Goose Island
  • Magic Hat
  • New Belgium
  • New England Brewing
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Sixpoint
  • Surly

And these are just the biggies (sorry if I left any one out). Plus Oskar Blues was one of the first ones out with pint craft cans with Deviant Dale’s and the one of the only ones out there now with an Alumi-Tek resealable screw-top pint with their Sun King collab: Chaka (still trying to get my hands on one. Also trying to get some of their root beer which comes in the same style can). These guys are craft can pioneers.

So obviously when I get the opportunity to have all of one of my favorite brewery’s available beers (in our area) in one spot, I’m going to jump on the opportunity.

I got there and immediately lined em up. Some were on tap, some were in the can, some we brought a long. Here’s what we drank:

  • Dale’s Pale Ale
  • Deviant Dale’s
  • Gubna
  • G’Knight (sadly not on nitro)
  • Mama’s Little Yella Pils
  • Old Chub
  • Ten Fidy

Overall it was a pretty awesome night: I was able to drink some of my favorite beers side by side, get some new swag (the OB necklaces make fuh-CAN-awesome Christmas tree decorations), meet some new people, and even cracked open one of those Lawson’s bombers with friends at the end of the night. No complaints here.

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