The Jabroni from The Whole Loaf

Picked this bad boy up at the first Brunswick Farmer’s Market of the season on Tuesday. If you’ve never been to the Brunswick Farmer’s Market (or helped me move, or been to Nerdfest*) then you might not know what The Whole Loaf is, so let me fill you in.

The Whole Loaf is a small business ran out of Troy, NY by Owner/Founder Billy Jabour and the rest of the Jabour family. (Bill and I go back to my CrossFit days.) Their business centers around a myriad of different “overstuffed loaves” that started as a family tradition for their family gatherings, holidays, and whenever football was on. You can find the Jabours selling their loaves at the Brunswick Farmer’s Market, now moved to Tuesday Nights to correspond with the free concert series they’re putting on near the community center.

The loaves range from traditional to a little bit out there. They come partially cooked and can be heated immediately or frozen and the cooked the rest of the way at a later date. This is extremely handy to have a couple stocked in the freezer for when the guys come over for a few beers and we have no idea what to eat after a few rounds. Or when you are trying to convince a crowd to help on moving day.

This week we opted for the Jabroni, filled with pepperoni, genoa salami, baked ham, sweet Italian sausage and mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. After 30 minutes it comes out of the oven looking like this beaut:

Crunchy, cheesy, oozy deliciousness.

Some of our faves are the Grand Pop (jalapenos, onions, ground beef, cheddar and cream cheeses), the Jo-Kuzzi (buffalo style chicken breast cutlets, blue cheese crumbles and cheddar cheeses), and The Taste of Philly (roasted red peppers, onions, roast angus beef, grilled chicken, bacon, american, cheddar and swiss cheeses). And these are just a few of the options out of 35 or so choices on their menu. And I’m pretty sure if you’re nice they’ll make just about any combo you ask for with enough of a heads up.

I suggest any of the locals here to make your way to to the Brunswick Farmer’s Market to sample some loaves and the grab a couple to go. If you can’t make that, you can even pick up at their house, too. As you can see, these huge loaves are packed full of kickass ingredients and aren’t just your typical homemade pepperoni bread.

*Nerdfest is where a bunch of way-too-old-for-this guys get together on Thanksgiving Eve, eat several Whole Loaf’s, drink beer and Four Loko, and play the latest Call of Duty until 4AM.

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