Finally home!

So that’s the end of our week long camping trip at Mt. Philo. The bottle pictures from the Vermont BeerAdvocate Meetup should dry up sometime tomorrow and I should be returning to regularly scheduled programming during the week, including some summaries of the trip, staying (camping) at Mt. Philo for the week, plus some individual posts on all the places we stopped along the way. There’s about 750 pictures to sort through so needless to say it could take a while.

While I’m at it, I’m going to take a look at Tumblr’s Pages and Mass Post Editor to try and lock down a way to display all of my trips and stops by state, the ultimate goal being to visit (and drink) in every state of our great country. This will also give me an opportunity to post some of my past trips whose pictures have never seen the light of day, since most of my recent trips have been pretty New England centric.

Lastly, a lot of you commented on some of this past week’s posts and I’d love to reply to every single one of them, which I’ll probably get to in a post tonight. Unfortunately, Tumblr’s comment and messaging system is about as advanced as the old Facebook Wall system circa 2007, pre-“comments” but without the “Wall-to-wall” feature. So pretty shitty, in my opinion. Until then, enjoy this picture of Kuma intimately, intently licking this ice cream covered wooden spoon like a complete effing weirdo:

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