Heady Topper Summer News

From The Alchemist’s Blog:

Unfortunately, we can no longer let retailers outside of our distribution area pick up Heady Topper for resale.  We now have multiple retailers in each town that are interested in carrying Heady Topper, but we are unable to fill every account interested.  By law, you cannot ‘pick and choose’ your accounts within the same area.  So, we are unable to sell to a select group of retailers until we have enough to get it to everyone.  AND WE ARE WORKING ON IT.

Well, looks like I’ll be driving a little further to get my Heady Topper fix. Good thing I just bought a few four packs at the cannery last week.

Plans are under way to double our Heady Topper production- hopefully this will happen by fall.

Fucking awesome.

Brewer’s Fest is going to be a blast this year.  John brewed some great collaboration beers with Todd Mott of Portsmouth Brewing (Tarnation- a hoppy milk stout), Dieu du Ciel (American IPA) and Shaun at Hill Farmstead (hoppy, low abv ale).

I need these. In or around my mouth.

Heady Topper Summer News

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