Cigar City Brewing – The Ghost of Hunahpu

From Cigar City’s Facebook page:

Hello there boys and “ghouls!” As you may know, tomorrow is Friday the 13th, a very special day indeed! Cigar City “Boo”ery will celebrate by tapping a very special keg! Right when the clock strikes 13:13 (or 1:13pm as it’s more commonly known), we will start serving The Ghost of Hunahpu! This “witch’s brew” has been aged for several months in Apple Brandy barrels before being moved on top of…..GHOST CHILI PEPPERS! Oh yes this is quite the spicy little treat indeed! Can you handle the “creeping” heat in your throat? We’ll be selling snifters, but we will also sell sample sizes for anyone who is (understandably!) “spooked” by this beer! Can you handle the wrath of the ghost? One keg and it’s gone! Muahahahahahnogrowlershahaha!

I just did this:

UPDATE: this thing sold out in 10 minutes.

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