Burned Out

It’s been a rough month. I’ve had the chance to do a LOT of cool shit (I’m like three weeks backlogged on posts for here), but man I’m fucking burned out. I feel like I’ve been living out of my car lately. No shit, I just keep my sleeping bag and camping gear in my car “just in case”.

I’m not complaining, but between my Vermont Vacation…

… and the trips to Buffalo, The Dark Knight, America’s Got Talent, a wedding, Beer Olympics, etc…

… I’m ready to be home and spend some time with my family: Elise and my pooch. 50 hours in the car and 2500 miles on the road is enough for a month of “extra” activity. After Ommegang’s Belgium Comes to Coopertown this weekend, I’m taking the rest of August off. (Except for my 30th birthday, which better be epic.)

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