Early September Release for 2012 CCB Marshall Zhukov

From Cigar City Brewing’s Facebook page:

Next week we’re brewing a little guy we like to call MARSHAL ZHUKOV’S IMPERIAL STOUT. Unfortunately it’s not looking like it’ll be ready for release in August like we originally planned, but it will see an early September release. This is due to the transition to our new brewhouse, as it’s been a rough (but oh so fun) one. Don’t worry though, we’re brewing even more than we did last year so there should be plenty to go around!

I haven’t had any Zhukov since I did an IP trade for it a few days before Hunaphu Day last year (by far my favorite bottle release yet). Hopefully I can convince my brother to snag some and ship it up, or maybe Lueken’s Liquors will get another shipment. One way or another, I gotta have some!

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