Dinner Tonight: Pig Roast

– Let me put this out there: I’ve never been to a pig roast. At least not in my adult life. I’ve tried to go to one of the ones that The Ruck has done in the past couple of years but have always had something come up. This is sad and disappointing given my obsession with all things pig (no, not just bacon you fucking hipsters). Anyways, thanks to John and Candy I was able to cross this off my bucket list. Hell yeah.

About a half hour before we were about to tear into this bitch. It was raining on an off most of the day but Babe didn’t mind.


To give you an idea of how long this thing was:

Elise would liked to have seen a little more pork pulled here since there were rolls for sandwiches but mine went down with a fork just fine.

This washed down nicely with a fresh growler of Chatham Porter.

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