Brewery Ommegang Belgium Comes To Copperstown Tasting

– As the years have progressed I’ve became a little more laid back about the BCTC tasting. My first year, like any BCTC noob, was spent trying to go to every single brewery table and trying the highest ABV quads they had available, then making the second round and trying the triples, and then by the end of the tasting puking my face off. This year it was more about picking out the five or six beers that were available that I hadn’t had yet, spending some time with brewers I was familiar with, and generally not being a fucking asshole (that came later, between the hours of 1AM and 6AM). Man it’s hell getting old.

We grabbed some fantastic hand rolled cigars from the cigar tent. I always forget to bring cigars so having fresh made was amazing.

The three liter bottle of Sierra Nevada’s barleywine Bigfoot drew large crowds.

A big buzz this year for Captain Lawrence’s Hops and Roses. (I didn’t get any that day but did have some at a Doom Saloon bottle share the following week.)

There was a lot of whine asses on BA about people taking their shirts off. Let’s be honest here, it was hot as balls that day. Get over it. (Plus, accoring to the chants, it was “Shirtless Six O’clock.)

Several bands played throughout the day and night. The Sexy Sax Man (whoever that is) even got up on stage at one point to play his famous rendition of George Michael’s Careless Whisper. The most notable band (for me) comprised of some members who I recognized from Brewery Ommegang, doing some Pink Floyd. I definitely killed some time listening to them.

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