Fresh to Death at Sunset Tap & Grill

– As I stated in my response the other day to moderndayclassic about recommendations in Boston, I’m a fan of Sunset Grill and I haven’t had a single bad experience the handful of times I’ve been there. But some motherfucker always has to shit on them every time someone mentions the place on BA, so I’m glad Sunset is standing up for themselves:

We have 112 beers on draft, and a legit freshness program.

1) We clean all draft lines every two weeks, and disassemble faucets. We have the bills to prove it.

2) We purchase small kegs whenever possible to avoid oxidation, and keep our selection rotating.

3) We code date all kegs when tapped to monitor freshness.

4) We sell a LOT of beer. Over 5,000 pints each week on draft. We tap new kegs daily, sometimes hourly.

5) We ensure all glassware is ‘beer clean’, and test the cleaning chemicals and jet sprays with weekly service.

6) We taste the beer after its been tapped! A dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

7) We isolate fruit beer lines, flavored beers, lambics, ciders, and root beer lines.

8) We work closely with distributors to inspect beer and coding. It’s possible that beer was not brewed, shipped, or stored correctly from the thousands of breweries and distributors that are available.

9) Since 1987, we get completely new beer lines and tap towers every 3 to 5 years. We last replaced them in 2011.


— The Sunset Management Team

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