Fried Chicken Night at The Meat Market

After seeing The Meat Market in Great Barrington on Alec Lopez’s Facebook page and checking out some of their completely wild pictures I knew I needed to make a visit. It was an absolutely beautiful day out and we were looking for the perfect place to sit outside with some grub and the pooch. I headed on over to The Meat Market’s Facebook page and asked if they were Kuma friendly. They said they were dog-lovers and he was absolutely welcome. I knew we were going to dinner that night!

As you can see they have a pretty unique way of frying their chickens (in lard, mind you. None of this “oil” bullshit). They heat their cauldrons with smoking hot coals of burning wood, and they say they’ll even “burn a hole in your yard” and do the same thing for catering at your home. I can get down with that. 

I unfortunately missed out on the lard-fried doughnuts. But damn did they look delicious.

As this is primarily a meat market I had to go inside and take a look at what they had to offer. I have to say if I lived in Great Barrington I’d be all over this joint. The selection looks fantastic and I really like what they’re doing with the place. Some of the events they hold look absolutely fantastic (I’m looking at you “Pig’s Head Three Ways”)

I had the bag cooler in the car with a few beers and my always handy Southern Tier tasting glasses we picked up at their tour (they hold 12 ounces and are perfect for drinking on the go). We broke out some New England Brewing Co. Gandhi Bot leftover from the half case I got at the last Doom Saloon tasting and some Brouwerij Lindemans Kriek which was honestly waaaaay to sweet for me. Even Elise wasn’t feeling it.

It took a while (granted, they had sold out of chicken and we showed up during the last hour of their dinner service) but the chicken finally came out; it was god damn delicious. The batter they’ve made creates a nice crispy crunch on the outside, with thin layer of almost fried dough consistency on the inside before getting to some seriously juicy chicken. It was absolutely fantastic.


The Meat Market (link) | 389 Stockbridge Rd. Great Barrington, MA (map) | All The Meat Market Posts

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