Southern Tier Choklat Birthday Cake with Creme Brulee Ganache

– Elise wanted to keep up with the “beer” theme for the birthday so naturally a beer cake with a beer ganache was the way to go. Elise took the Beeroness’ Chocolate Stout Cake with Porter Ganache recipe and adapted it to use some of my local faves. I think that’s the best way to go with ANY recipe that calls for beer. Too often someone will water down a beer recipe to use something that’s available nationally just to make it easier on readers, but I say stay local.

Anyways, as we didn’t have the proper bakeware and also almost doubled the size of the recipe, the cake was definitely unruly, and we really need dedicated cake pans instead of Pyrex next time (the Pyrex stuff is rounded all over and doesn’t lend well to make a double layer cake) but it was delicious just the same.

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