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As a dork – in this case, attemtping to update Hof Ten Dormaal/Stillwater’s Bronze Age listing:

Submit a Change Request – Change Type: Brewer

My bottle clearly states that this is “brewed and bottled by Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal” as well as that it is a “PRODUCT of BELGIUM”. I have…

Unfortunately, that’s just not how collabs work. There’s pretty much nothing that says because it was brewed in a certain location that it’s that brewery’s beer. This is really the basis of “contract brewing” and why Matt FX can brew Brooklyn’s stuff without their name being on the label, and how Olde Saratoga can do the same with He’brew, Coney Island, and Keegan’s. The only requirement on the label is to say where the beer was brewed, not by whom.

This is especially pertinent to Stillwater Artisanal Ales since Brian Strumke is a “gypsy brewer” (or whatever term they’re throwing around these days) and doesn’t actually have his own private brew space for Stillwater, not even at Of Love and Regret. This is different than contract brewing since Brian actually goes and does the brewing himself with the brewmaster at the brewery in question rather than handing the recipe off to someone else (same goes for the maker of that Meadowlark IPA you had the other day, Pretty Things, which I didn’t get a chance to try when I was in MA, you bastardo).

So he travels the world renting space and equipment from breweries all over the globe (all of whom use 12 Percent to import, as far as I know) adding a touch of local flair to each of his brews. And while that brewery may package and bottle that beer for him it’s still technically a Stillwater Artisanal Ale.

mr. sheeps: This Is How I Use BeerAdvocate

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