Cigar City Brewing Leon

– Just announced on their Facebook page:

Introducing Leon. A 13% ABV English barley wine aged in apple brandy barrels. We’re now selling Leon in the tasting room. $20 a bottle, no bottle limit. We also have it on tap. OKAD. Come and get it today before it’s gone!

An apple brandy barrel-aged barley wine from CCB? If it’s as good as their Apple Brand Hunahpu I’d be all over this. If anyone from Tampa wants to trade for some Hill Farmstead, Heady Topper, or Lawson’s let me know! I’ll be in VT next weekend for the Hill Farmstead Harvest Festival and can get pretty much anything you want.

EDIT: Looks like this was taken down from their Facebook page. Not sure if that means it is no longer available or that it’s suuuuuuper secret and only brewpub customers are supposed to know. Either way, get in my belly!

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