Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada Collaborate on new Imperial IPA: Rhizing Bines

From Dogfish Head’s Blog:

On the hot side, Rhizing Bines will go through Dogfish’s signature continual-hopping process with floral and citrusy Bravo hops. On the cold side, it will be dry-hopped with an experimental varietal so new it doesn’t yet have a name, just a number: Hop 644. A component of Sierra Nevada’s aroma-boosting Torpedo system will make a pit-stop in Delaware for dry-hopping duty before it heads to Sierra’s new North Carolina brewery.

To celebrate Sierra Nevada planting East Coast roots, Dogfish Head tracked down a Carolina heirloom wheat grown and milled at Anson Mills. The soft red winter wheat contributes subtle sweet and nutty notes to this hop-forward ale.

Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada are standbys in the IPA world, with DFH landing in BeerAdvocate’s Top 50 DIPA’s with 90 Minute and Sierra Nevada in the Top 50 American IPAs with Northern Hemisphere Harvest Wet Hop Ale. I look forward to this beer coming out, although February is an odd month to release a DIPA.

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