You going to the Killington Brewfest?

Didn’t even know about it until you mentioned it. Unless I’m missing something here I have to say that the brewery list is a bit lacking:

Anheuser-Busch, Asia Pacific Breweries, Blue Point Brewing, Brooklyn Brewery, Cisco Brewers, Goose Island Beer Co., Harpoon Brewery, Lake Placid Craft Brewing, Long Trail Brewing Co., Magic Hat Brewing Co., McNeil’s Brewery, Narragansett Brewing Co., Northshire Brewery, Olde Burnside Brewing Co., Otter Creek Brewing Co., Peak Organic Brewing Co., Rock Art Brewery, S.A. Brewery, Saranac Brewing Co., The Shed, Shipyard Brewing Co., Stone Brewing Co., Switchback Brewing Co., Wolaver’s Certified Organic Ales and Woodchuck Hard Cider

Do the big breweries and the out-of-towners have people on site or is it regional sales reps or even worse, distributors with volunteers? That plays a big part on whether I will go to a fest these days. I’d much rather meet a brewer and ask a few on topic questions than get an “I don’t know, I’m just pouring” and a shrug from a volunteer. The other things that matter are the scenery and the grub situation. Killington I’m sure is gorgeous this time of year and light years better than some convention center. What’s the food like?

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