About 45 beers aging in the cellar. Some are brand new, others are already over 3 years old. That #parabola section of the bottom will provide drinks for multiple years. Complete with notes to the roomies. #craftbeer #beer #instabeer (Taken with Instagram)

Beer isn’t wine, and shouldn’t be stored on its side like that.

  • First, bottle caps are not meant to be submerged with beer the way you have it now. There is not a bottle shop in the country that stores their beer like this, even in their own cellars. You run the risk of leaking with those bottles in the future, some in the nearer future than others.
  • Secondly, you’re taking what used to be a relatively small section of beer exposed to air in the neck of the bottle and making it a HUGE section of beer exposed to air in the side of the bottle, accelerating oxidation.
  • Next, you’re creating a yeast ring on the side of the bottle instead of the bottom. That shit will never settle. Ever.
  • With the corked beers, just like with wine stored on its side, you run the risk of corking your beer.
  • Lastly, modern corks do not dry out the way that corks used to, especially if they’re caged or waxed. If you have a problem with a cork during storage, more than likely it was a faulty cork rather than due to storing your beer upright.

Do a quick search on how to store and cellar beer. Not a single article or discussion will tell you to store the beer on its side. Turn those bottles upright, my man!

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