Epic 12.12.12 Festival at Stone Brewing Co. – Dec 12th.

Help us celebrate the end of an Epic 11-year long journey with a blowout festival! 

****This is the only large event at Stone where we’ll be pouring all 11 Vertical Epic Ales together, EVER!!****

Here’s what your $150 ticket will get you:

  • A very special commemorative glass
  • One 3oz sample of each Vertical Epic Ale, from 02.02.02 to 12.12.12
  • Food pairing stations for all 11 vintages
  • The opportunity to try 15 additional barrel-aged Vertical Epic Ale variations that we’ll have on tap! (cash & carry)
  • Enjoy your samples and food pairings at your own pace, in a convivial festival atmosphere

Sounds amazing. This is pretty much the only way most of us would have an opportunity to try all of them all together like this (I think I only have 08.08.08 and up). $150 a person is a big pill to swallow but I’m sure there are enough Stone fanatics out there to support such an event. I still think they should have made 12.12.12 a really shelf unstable beer, forcing everyone to drink their verticals immediately but oh well.

Check out the ticket site here.

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