Hop Harvest Party at The City Beer Hall

— Man, this was a good time and I’m really disappointed that I had to leave so early. Unfortunately, I had this, 30 Days to Dogfish Head Night AND a tasting at Chez Fuj to all make happen in all night.

Lotta great local brews were there that night, including my locals faves Chatham Brewing and Crossroads Brewing. I grabbed some Dr. Loomis Pumpkin Ale from Crossroads, but not before getting some of Chatham’s Hop Crop IPA through what I can only imagine is the area’s first Hop Rocket. These things are badass:

Got to taste a few other beers with the owner of City Beer Hall and Jeremy of Remarkable Liquids, chat up Matt from Chatham and Russ from the Homebrew Emporium for a while and bullshit with the guys from Albany Distilling Company. The visit was short, but a good one. Can’t wait until their next event like this.

The City Beer Hall (link) | 42 Howard St Albany, NY 12207 (map) | All The City Beer Hall Posts

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