Southern Tier Beer Social at The Lionheart Pub – Nov 8th [Upcoming Events]

— From The Lionheart’s Homepage:

  • Pumking
  • Krampus
  • Oak Aged Unearthly
  • Gemini
  • Mokah
  • Creme Brulee
  • Oat
  • Jahva
  • Choklat
  • Back Burner
  • Southern Tier IPA
  • Harvest
  • 2X IPA
  • 2X Stout
  • 2X Christmas Ale
  • Old Man
  • Porter

Pretty solid lineup for the Southern Tier fans out there. Awesome to see a tap takeover like this in the area that isn’t for Dogfish Head or just three or four kegs of a brewery’s beers. (Not that I don’t enjoy DFH tap takeovers, but I do like to see new and different things in the area.)

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Backburner, my current favorite beer from Southern Tier, is missing but I’m sure it’s pretty difficult to get your hands on a keg of the stuff. However, those looking for it can find it on tap at The Bier Abbey right now.

(Picture is from my tour at Southern Tier.)


The Lionheart Pub (link) | 448 Madison Ave Albany, NY (map) | All The Lionheart Pub Posts

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