Fourteen Stone Drinking Crew #2

— Naturally I had to grab some growlers and bottles for the Fourteen Stone Drinking Crew while at Hill Farmstead, and with a little coordination from Merc, we made it happen on one of the days he was in town. Elise made a huge spaghetti dinner for the guys mid-tasting, too. The consumption of Tums was plentiful that night.

Like most days Merc is in town, it was a Monday so things didn’t get too crazy. In addition to the Hill Farmstead beer, Jon brought a growler from his Trapp Family Lodge stop on the way home from the Harvest Festival and Merc brought over some randoms from Cascade, Cigar City and others.

The lineup:

  • Oktoberfest by Trapp Family Lodge Brewery
  • Simcoe Single Hop Pale Ale by Hill Farmstead Brewery
  • Society & Solitude #5 by Hill Farmstead Brewery
  • Apricot by Cascade Brewing Company
  • Arthur by Hill Farmstead Brewery
  • Riserva (2011) by Weyerbacher Brewing Company
  • Clara by Hill Farmstead Brewery
  • Old Numbskull by AleSmith Brewing Company
  • Decadence (2011) (Maple Smoked Barleywine) by AleSmith Brewing Company
  • Sankt Hans by Hill Farmstead/Grassroots
  • Ephraim by Hill Farmstead Brewery
  • Everett by Hill Farmstead Brewery
  • 110K+OT Batch #5 by Cigar City Brewing (What a disappointment this beer was. Huuuuge barleywine.)
  • White Oak by The Bruery
  • Hoponius Union by Jack’s Abby Brewing


If you’re wondering about the Golden Blend and Saison Asterisk in the main pic, I snagged them at Hunger Mountain Coop on the way home from the Harvest Festival. Haven’t cracked them yet but you know sure as hell I’ll post some pics when I do.

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