Cider Doughnut Tour at Altamont Orchards

— The second stop of the tour was the nearby Altamont Orchards. It was a short visit, with us grabbing our next round of doughnuts, cider and of course, more cheese. The hot apple salsa was great, too. I tried coercing the group into heading to Altamont Vineyards afterwards, having enjoyed the HalloWine Festival, but no dice.

Daytime in the fall is probably my favorite time of the year to take photos, even if it was a little overcast that day (and rainy a little bit later on). There’s different and more vibrant colors everywhere you turn, like with the pumpkins out front.


Altamont Orchards (link) | 6654 Dunnsville Rd., Altamont, NY (map) | All Cider Doughnut Tour Posts

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