Few Pics from Dogfish Head Night at The Ruck

— Dogfish Night is always a great time. I got to tick almost all of the beers they had that I haven’t checked into in Untappd yet (missed three but we were hitting the road for yesterday’s Hill Farmstead haul pretty early). Dave knows how to put on a great party. I spent the majority of the night enjoying myself so only a few pics were taken. Check ‘em out!

Dave (owner of the Ruck) and Jay from Jay’s Beer Review.

Matty J!

Ev holding it down

Nuzzy doing his damn thing.

Buff doing some sort of sign language. Not sure.

Erica and Elise making sure the bar isn’t going anywhere.

Caleb sadly not making me wings hot enough to make my nose bleed.

Dogfish Head shortbread cookies made from the tap handle!

I… don’t know. This was their idea. I swear.

Matt, the head brewer of Chatham Brewing, Russ from Homebrew Emporium, and Bob from the Ruck.

Sad looking Randall all out of World Wide Stout. :( Gotta get there early!


The Ruck (link) | 104 3rd Street, Troy, NY (map) | All The Ruck Posts

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