Albany Distilling Co. Ironweed Bourbon Bottle Release Announced

— Few quick bottle updates for today. First one comes from our local distillery, The Albany Distilling Co. They’ve been selling their white whiskey for a while now and they just announced they’re taking reservations for bottles of their Ironweed whiskey today, for bottling the first week of December followed by a bottle release on December 7th. Details can be found on their Facebook announcement.

We’ll be emptying the barrels over the weekend of December 1st, and bottling the first run of our Ironweed Bourbon that week. We’ve tasted it, and we’re very, very proud of what we’ve made.

We’ll be debuting it at an event on Friday, December 7th (details to follow), and the first day of sales at the distillery will be Saturday, the 8th.

We’ll be selling it for $44/bottle at the distillery, including an engraved (beautiful) whiskey glass.

The Albany Distilling Company (link) | 78 Montgomery Street, Albany, NY (map) | All The Albany Distilling Company Posts

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