November 2012 Cellar Inventory Update with CellarHQ

— Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Perfect morning to finally get around to updating my beer inventory. I have definitely been slacking in that department. Part of the problem is that my beer “cellar” is also my beer “storage”, so even if I’m not purposefully aging a beer, it ends up in the same space. There’s a couple of problems with this but not much I can do about it. First, beers get “lost” in there and sometimes sit around longer than they should, and second, this makes for a lot of turnover and a little tough to keep up with the cellar’s activity.

I’m trying out CellarHQ, and while the process is a little easier than using Google Docs like I have in the past, the UI can be a pain in the ass at times. There are times when I’ve accidentally hit the backspace button intending to erase what I was just typing, and instead the browser goes back a page and I have to start over with that beer. I also had to add more beers than I was expecting to have to. Other than that, I’m happy with the outcome.

You can check out my cellar here, and I’ve added a link to the top of my header, too.

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