Which beer did you have at Maine Beer Company? What are your thoughts on the Lunch IPA?

I had both the Peeper and the Mean Old Tom (on nitro) while at MBC this weekend. Both are solid and I’m particularly a fan of stouts on nitro.

As for Lunch, it’s great and probably my favorite of their beers. During the tour they explained that the beer was basically a one off test batch when they first brewed it and received some blow back when they couldn’t produce it regularly, with people accusing them of artificially creating demand for it. What it boils down to is the lack of hops needed to brew it, and while they could use X amount to brew Lunch, they could do two or three batches of their less hoppier beer, so it only makes sense to brew Lunch less often. Lunch was recently kegged however, and you should see it on draft soon, but they have not set a date for when the next time it is being bottled.

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