Hill Farmstead Growler Share

Hill Farmstead Susan

When I went up to snag Juicy a couple of weeks ago, a few of the guys chipped in to grab some growlers to share when I got back. Things didn’t get crazy or anything like when the whole Fourteen Stone crew gets together, just a solid night of drinking some world class beers from the Hill. The lineup for the night:

  • Susan – incredibly hoppy, fruity nose on this one. Actually made Abner seem reserved in comparison, some how. Ranks up there with Sculpin/Furious/Head Hunter for me.
  • Abner – one of my long time favorite DIPAs. Abner and Heady will perpetually keep overtaking each other in my books.
  • Edward – this guy has held the top spot in the Pale Ale category for a while now, until recently knocked out by Zombie Dust.
  • George – I’m not big on brown ales, it’s just not a style I generally get excited about. This was good but didn’t wow me the way most other Hill Farmstead beers do.
  • Twilight of the Idols – Absolutely fantastic porter. I still prefer Everett to this but I’m glad to have picked up a half case to hold me over for the winter.

Hill Farmstead Abner

Hill Farmstead Edward



Hill Farmstead George


Hill Farmstead Twilight of the Idols

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