Winter VT BeerAdvocate Meet Up

Another trip to Vermont, another great bottle share with the Vermont BAs. Awesome seeing everyone again yesterday as per usual. It wasn’t nearly as nice weather as we had for the one over the summer, so this winter’s meet was held at Drop-In Brewing Company (if you haven’t seen the pictures from the Summer Meet Up at Mount Philo, check them out at this tag here).  
No Vermont meet up would be complete without some tasty treats from the Cellars at Jasper Hill, Vermont Smoke and Cure and plenty of other goodies from the rest of the crew.

Mark from Bobcat Cafe couldn’t make it yesterday, but he was there in spirit!

Our gracious host Steve from Drop-In Brewing.

Some great homebrew was opened up yesterday. Thanks to all who shared!

A little something from our friends to the North.

Still one of my favorite geuzes right now.

Big ol’ growler of Jack’s Abby Smoke and Dagger

’06-’11 Stone Vertical Epic line up.

Simba was a little skiddish but it was nice to get him and Kuma together again yesterday.

Got to revisit this one after hate hate HATING it as my first experience with a sour beer. It’s drinking much better these days.

Having tried Fruet recent I’m pretty surprised I prefer this year’s version.

2010 Vintage on this IST.

If you like Terry’s Chocolate Orange, you gotta check this beer out.

This wasn’t a drain pour for me but man was it not well received by the crowd. I would have gone back for seconds.

Cigar City can pretty much do no wrong with this Humidor Series.

Definitely preferred The Lost Abbey version here, but neither of them blew me away.

Haven’t had much from Crooked Stave and I’ve turned down some of their ROY G. BIV offerings in trades in the past. If this beer is any indication of what they’re producing out in Denver I’m going to have to rethink that in future trades.

Tasty as hell. May need to grab a growler of this when I head back up to VT this Thursday.

Just got a small taste of this one but it was extremely good. Very much looking forward to getting all 6 of these that will be available in our area and doing them back to back with the Fourteen Stone Drinking Crew.

Beggar extraordinaire.

Dead soldiers:

Definitely sad I’m going to be missing out on the 2013 Summer Meet Up but the next Vermont beer event is never too far away. I’m sure I’ll see you all over the next year at some point. Until then, cheers!

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