Founders Breakfast Stout

Founders Breakfast StoutHad some Breakfast Stout leftover from Christmas, given the opportunity to compare it against Wake-N-Bake I figured why not. Not going to get into the details here, but I’m surprised I actually prefer the Wake-N-Bake. FBS is much, MUCH sweeter than W-n-B and I admit, I’m a dark roasted coffee fanatic (in my beer and my coffee mug) and W-n-B just has a much more dark roasted coffee aroma and flavor to it. Founders almost feels like the girl version of a coffee imperial stout compared to Terrapin’s. Granted Founders also has chocolate in it, but it comes of as more of a sweet milk chocolate than dark chocolate. Makes me want to put FBS through a french press with some nice roasty Sumatra instead.

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