Winter Extreme Homebrew Competition / Homebrewers Shin Dig at The Ruck

Yesterday was the awards ceremony and Homebrews Shin Dig for The Ruck’s second Extreme Hombrew Competition. Things were done a little differently than last year, as they separated the judging and the awards to two separate days to make things a little quicker for all of the homebrewers who were involved, and also gave them a chance to grab lunch and share their brews with their fellow competitors.

Awards were given for the best in each category, Best in Show, and Best 6-Pack for teams who submitted a beer to all 6 categories:

  • Snow Melter – beers with chilies/peppers in the recipe
  • Free Range: Water – water in beer must come from natural source, spring, well, etc.
  • Bad Santa – 8+% ABV in your face Christmas beer
  • Beer & Cereal: Not Just For Breakfast Anymore – breakfast cereal in its mash bill
  • Funky Fermentables – 10-50% of alcohol content from outside the grist bill
  • Kitchen Malt House – brewer malted and roasted barley

The trophies were all very cool, unique, and handmade right in Troy, NY…

…by Bianca of The Broken Mold Studio. Check ’em out.

Chad getting a pour of some homebrew braggot.

Bob getting the show going.

Winner for the Snow Melter Category: Brooklyn Hopsters for Dragon’s Breath.

AlcoholiX taking home the Beer & Cereal win for Special Red.

Brooklyn Hopsters wins again for his American Wheat “Göse” in the Funky Fermentables category.

Beer Me Up Scotty taking the trophy for Calvin & Hoppes IPA in the Kitchen Malt House Category.

Three trophies. Hm, I’m seeing a trend here… Best In Show: Brooklyn Hopsters

And one last trophy for Best Six Pack. Damn, congrats man!

The guys waiting for Bob to wrap it up so they can go back to drinking each others’ brew.

Chad’z Cherry Chocolate Stout

Nice turnout of a bunch of guys enthusiastic about their craft. Looking forward to see what they come up with next time.

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