Saratoga Beer Week

I don’t know about you guys, but I have had a tough time looking at the extensive list of “events” (I use this term loosely) lined up for Saratoga Beer Week and getting the least bit excited about it. There is a lot of fluff to weed out here, especially with the pull your own pint, take home your own glass, same happy hour as every other week, and truly boring and uninspired VT and NY brews kind of of crap here, so I figured I’d compile a list of anything that’s even a blip on my radar.

Strange Brews @ Henry Street Taproom | Tues 2/19 6:00pm
Remarkable Liquids is bringing six beers never before tapped in Saratoga from 12% Imports and Global Beers. (Rumor is there’s some Evil Twin Biscotti going on tap this night, too. If you haven’t had this yet, now’s your chance.)

Oskar and Oysters @ Henry Street Taproom | Weds 2/20 4pm – 10pm
What can I say, I’m an Oskar Blues fan. Neither of their collabs with Sun King made it around here so it would definitely be worth a shot, and the Mama’s Little Yella Pils aged in Chardonay barrels was also supposed to be featured at last weekend’s cancelled Night of the Barrels. Worth checking out.

Given my Druthers, I take a Beer Dinner! @ Druthers | Weds 2/20 6pm
Man do I wish they would stop saying “Given my druthers” with every fucking event and post and video, etc. It’s like a bad pun. I don’t know how they’re not sick of saying it themselves. Anyways, this pork-focused beer dinner looks pretty solid with a Charcuterie, Pancetta-Wrapped Monk Fish, Braised Bacon, Pork Tenderloin, Druthers Chipwich. Five courses and five(ish, since they’re 8 oz pours) beers for $45. No complaints there.

Ithaca Night at The Local @ The Local Pub and Tea House | Weds 2/20 7pm
Not sure about this one. It says “cask-conditioned brown and rare Belgian-style drafts” and while I could give or take cask-conditioned beers, I’m interest in rare Belgians. I don’t think that means any of their wild ales, but it would be a nice surprise. Otherwise the only other two Belgians they make are Cold Front and Partly Sunny, that would be lame.

R&G Cheese & Sixpoint @ Henry Street Taproom | Thurs 2/21 2:30pm – 4pm, 4pm – 10pm
Beer and Cheese 101: R&G cheese kicks ass and Sixpoint has some solid brews. After class is a beer dinner feature dishes made with R&G cheese paired with beers from Sixpoint.

Kona Pig Roast Luau Party @ Saratoga City Tavern | Thurs 2/21 5:00pm – Close
Couldn’t care for the beer but man I am always up for a good pig roast.

My Friend Brett @ Henry Street Taproom | Fri 2/22 2:30pm – 4pm
Irv from Remarkable Liquids taking over Henry Street again feature six beers inoculated with Brettanomyces, including a rare all-Brett version of Stillwater Artisanal’s Cellar Door.

An Evening with Evil Twin @ Circus Cafe | Fri 2/22 7pm – 12am
Evil Twin rep on hand for sampling some of Evil Twin’s killer brews.

Sierra Nevada Cask vs. Keg Event @ The Saratoga City Tavern | Sat 2/23 7pm – 10pm
Nothing wrong with Narwahl on tap, and while SN’s latest Ovila Quad with Plums hasn’t gotten the best ratings it’s definitely worth checking out at least to try. The cask vs keg beer isn’t specified. Here’s hoping it’s Ruthless Rye (or maybe Celebration if there’s still some of that kicking around).


Anything I miss from the extensive list here? Let me know.

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