Brown's Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Holy shit. Where do I start? The base Imperial Stout. “Troyalty”. The hand written brewer and bottle number. But the wax dip cinches it for me. Fucking hilar. I can see the people now, driving up from the city waiting two-three hours in line for this one. Insta-whale.

The only thing that would make me laugh harder would be if Olde Saratoga did a sour beer. Oh wait.


  1. …you are so far off base that it isn’t even funny. Everyone knows that if a brewer hand signs a bottle AND individually numbers them, then they must be good. But that isn’t even the icing on the cake, you forget mostly about the wax dipping of the top of the bottle..everyone in the craft beer community knows that if a bottle is wax dipped, then it must be good. You have a LOT to learn still…

    1. (Sorry, missed this comment while I was on vaca.)

      Now, now KT. I was recently admonished on FB for being a craft beer elitist asshat, so I’m no longer supposed to make fun of bad beer from bad breweries. Therefore, I’m sure this beer is well-crafted, tastes delicious and deserves the praise from all of the Brown’s fanboys and girls it gets.

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