Big shout out to Team Richmond

Stopped at Mekong on the way home from Florida the other night to mooch off a few beers from their bottle share and to grab some more beers for Team New England’s Gang Bang BIF #3 this weekend. I’ve been sitting on these boxes from them for months now and can’t wait to finally crack these bottles open with the guys.

Team Milwaukee was our target for this round and they opened our boxes late last month. It was our first time and there are a few tweaks we need to make for the next round, like ensuring there’s enough ounces to go around, but I’m pretty proud of the boxes we put together. (Pictures courtesy of Team Milwaukee.)

Plus a bunch of cheese, meats and other swag. Hope these guys enjoyed our beers as much as I know we’ll enjoy what Richmond sent us. More to come when I’ve fully recovered on Sunday!

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