Fourteen Stone Drinking Crew #4

Damn it’s been since December since I posted a teaser for the last tasting with The Crew. We’ve had a couple of tastings since then so let me catch you guys up on both.

I’ll admit #4 was a ploy to get the guys to come over and drink some of the IPAs I’ve been sitting on forever and just wanted out of the beer cellar. This… did not work. The guys didn’t buy it, I think we drank maybe two of my IPAs that night. The rest were just drained poured, and I should probably “cull” the IPAs again soon. Anyways, instead we broke into the Cascade order I put in for the guys when Noyaux was first released this year, plus bottles from the rest of our beer travels. Check it out.

One of the worst beers I’ve had.

You are always welcome to bring Imperial Biscotti over to Chez Fuj.
Some people love The Bruery’s take on a the classic Gueze style, some people can leave it. While it doesn’t compare to Cantillon or let’s say even Tilquin, I personally thought it was great and plan on sitting on my next bottle for a while to see if it gets a little more sour.
I’d be OK if no one made a beer and wine hybrid ever again. Or ancient ales for that matter.

We may have had an off bottle that night but this was absolutely terrible. We ALL drain poured this.

Mmmm malty.

I kinda feel bad for Dave who bought this expensive bottle and brought it not knowing all of the other Cascade beers were going to shit over it the entire rest of the night. Oh well.

Anyone ever have this before? I’m curous to see what it has in common with Ithaca’s retired Winterizer, which I’m sure was around when Hutch was brewing there, before Crossroads.

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