Fourteen Stone Drinking Crew #5

A beer this good could only be served in a Teku glass.

Number Five came around right about the time that Dave was hitting his 1000th beer on Untappd. Actually, he went over by a few and his 1000th beer was actually something like Budweiser Budvar. Woof. Anyways, to celebrate is 1000th we broke out, and drank (yeah, really) the leftovers from his super crappy 500th beer: Fat Scotch Ale by Silver City Brewing Co. There was plenty of that beer left so when the end of the night rolled around for #3, we capped it, labeled it and I put it in the cellar for safe keeping and of course to oxidize for a few months.

Pinky’s out, bitch.

Of course the rest of the night would not be complete without some other shenanigans (Say shenanigans one more time!). PBR tall boy challenge?

I don’t even remember what beer this was but man did the yeast in the bottom of it look like cat turds.

The beer Night Shift was supposed to put on for Night of the Barrels before it was rescheduled. A creamy ale with wheat and oatmeal rum barrel aged on coffee beans. I’m not sure what the base beer was but this reminded me a lot of Allagash’s James Bean.

Please never drink this unless you like your beer to taste like potpourri.

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