Enjoy Troy.

Took a little walk around Troy on Saturday to check out some of the new statues that have popped up around the city as part of the Uncle Sam Project as well as grabbing breakfast and doing a little shopping at the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market. Check it out!

Elise ended up grabbing some greens from here that we’ve been eating all week. And some basil plants, too!

A nice homemade sausage breakfast sandooch from Nighthawk’s Kitchen.

S’mores are kinda our thing and something Elise and I made together at one of our first bonfires. Fitting we should share one on our anniversary.

This curry cheese was incredible. If we weren’t low on cash and still needing to pick up other goodies to complete our meal that night I wouldn’t have hesitated in buying some of this. Next time!

This is where we snagged the meat and cheese for our slate on Sunday night.

There were two types of cured meat available, a lombata made with pork loin that had a perfect creaminess to the fat…

And a peppery cured beef (a first for me). We picked up both and the leftovers will make some pretty killer pizza later on this week.

We picked up a couple of different loaves from The Placid Baker but this croissant was too beautiful not to take a shot of it.

There are some 30 different Uncle Sam statues spread all around Troy and while I did not get to see all of them this weekend I did get a chance to check out a few.

The one in front of the indoor market is the most vibrant and colorful and one of my faves.

Of course Captain America Uncle Sam is badass.

Kuma received plenty of attention on our walk Saturday. I’m sure he’ll be just as big of a hit at the Food Truck Festival this Saturday, as well.

Not sure what’s going on with this one but given that there’s a solar panel on the front I think it lights up somehow. I’ll have to stumble over here after Bootleggers some night.

The money themed Uncle Sam in front of Pioneer Savings Bank was one of the most well done ones I saw that day.

The look on this little girls face is priceless.

The Ruck’s Uncle “Steve” has a pint glass top hat and a jacket covered in bottle caps, pretty cool.

And of course the day couldn’t have ended without a quick stop inside for a couple of beers.

2 thoughts on “Enjoy Troy.

  1. I know the Uncle Sam statues are placed based on who sponsored them, but the Captain America one should be out in front of Aquilonia. It’s only fitting

  2. Regrettably they were not a sponsor of a statue. I was matched with 1st Playable since they have a connection with the superhero genre as well. Thanks for posting the photos and your kind words!
    -Andrew. (Captain Samerica artist)

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