Snapshots from the Empire State Plaza Food Festival

I had almost completely forgot about the Empire State Plaza Food Festival until I heard the thumping of the Alex Torres Trio just before lunchtime. A peek out the window to see rows of vendor tents quickly reminded me of the event taking place. Luckily I forgot lunch that day; I grabbed my camera and headed down.

Before partaking in the festival I walked around for a bit to take a few shots of the vendors in action, my favorite of which was the couple above, swinging to The El Dorados. A few more for the day:

The vendors at the Festival lean towards the “fry everything” carnie food variety, but there are still a few worth going to. I’m not sure if they served NY beers in the past, but the German beer truck was nowhere to be found this year, which is a shame considering they go so well with the brats and potato salad I usually get each year and I certainly wasn’t about to drink Saranac’s fall beers on a 90 degree summer day.

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