The Frankencake from Cheesecake Machismo

With Warren and Meagan in from Cali it was a pretty good excuse for us pizza party and to have Wayne and Trace bring over Jake to play with Kuma.

Usually Elise would make a little something for dessert but with all of the running around for pizza prep it was so much easier to outsource dessert. Cheesecake Machismo is located close by my work so I popped over there to get a cheesecake before doing the rest of the grocery shopping for the day.

I’ve had a slice or two of their cheesecake in the past and have always been more than satisfied, and since they offer cheesecake by the slice it was a good way to add a little variety to dessert for our guests to pick and choose at will. They had thirteen different kinds of cheesecake available that day, and with 12 slices to a Frankencake it was a no brainer to get one of each of the flavors they had (excluding plain).

With as many different flavors that were here, it could be difficult identify some of them without removing them from the box first or possibly taking a bite. Luckily each one was labeled on top of the box for easy identification.

Upon opening the box is just a damn thing of beauty.

We all took turns taking a little section out of each slice so we could get a little taste of each of the pieces we wanted to try. Of course my first pick was Chocolate Buzz, followed up with a bit of the Peanut Butter Cookie. A perfect way to end the night.


Cheesecake Machismo (link) | 293 Hamilton St Albany, NY (map) | All Cheesecake Machismo Posts

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