The Halloween Crodo at The Crisp Cannoli | East Greenbush, NY

I’ve been meaning to get over to The Crisp Cannoli for a while now after seeing their Crodo featured on All Over Albany. I don’t make it to that side of the river often but when I had the day off to run some errands I made a point to head out The Crisp Cannoli to pick up some cannoli for the guys coming over later that night. Of course while I was there, I had to check out the Crodo.

The Crodo is Jason Grant’s take on Dominique Ansel’s cronut, basically a doughnut made from laminated dough not unlike that of the croissant. I’ve seen various takes on the Cronut, filled with cream or jelly, glazed, sugared, topped with fruit, etc. Given that I stopped on Halloween, it was no surprise that the Crodo presented to me was Halloween-themed.

This Crodo had three layers of dough stacked together and then filled with “blood-like’ raspberry jelly. It was sprinkled with a bright orange sugar with the finger staining abilities only matched by Cheetos cheese dust. The exterior had a nice crunch to it with no oily residue one might find in a apple cider doughnut. The interior was moist and flaky, with the jelly penetrating its closest layers with extra moisture (but not sogginess) and imparting its fruity flavor. The experience was decadent and well worth a revisit.

Another of Jason’s creations is on my radar: a Cannoli filling flavored with Chatham Brewing’s Imperial Stout. Consider my interest piqued.

The Crisp Cannoli (link) | 699 Columbia Turnpike East Greenbush, NY (map) | All The Crisp Cannoli Posts

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