Pub News: Allen Street Pub

This one slipped under the radar for me. Anyone go and check this place out?

asp-1[1][Edited for case and typos] We are proud to continue the tradition established at Mahar’s Public Bar in Albany, NY.
At the Allen Street Pub we are beginning our transition into offering cask conditioned ales, a multitude of bottled beer from around the world and within the next few weeks, will expand our draught variety by adding 24 new lines. When all is said and done, we will offer 28 different draught beers along with two beer engines.

On Saturday November 9th at 5:00 pm we invite you down to the pub to meet us along with a few of our staff members. There will be some cask beer on tap featuring a session IPA from Wandering Star craft brewery in Pittsfield, MA called “second breakfast”.

We are very pleased to continue the legacy Jim built and can’t wait to have everything running full blast. We are looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!

Additionally we will be serving six different beers on tap along with several bottled beers. There will be an open discussion about the types of beer we should serve and hope for maximum participation.


Paul Engel & Steve Kitchen
Publicans, Co-Owners of the ASP

It’s worth mentioning that no longer mentions Mahar’s of Castleton. Not sure if anyone else can fill me in on what’s going on with that…

8 thoughts on “Pub News: Allen Street Pub

  1. The Castleton location is not shutting down as long as the bar gets some business. Straight from Jim himself. I will be interested to see what a new location and new people running the tour can do with it. Although that bar will need a lot of work.

    1. It’s odd to me that one business would take over another business’s website, without some clear connection of the two bars. Other than Allen Street taking on Mahar’s computer, what do the two have to do with each other, anything?

  2. They were former customers I believe and probably willing to pay for the tour/computer/website
    There is nothing at Mahars not for sale for the right price IMO. I own the Bluebird Bitter tap handle from the Albany location

  3. The place is a little dumpy and run down. it is 80 years old after all. We are installing a 7’X20′ walk-in cooler within the next 2-3 weeks and will have a ton of beer for an uptown location. If Jim hadn’t left Albany we would have been perfectly content with selling rot-gut whiskey and PBR… As of right now, we have a new beer engine and have been getting casks on a regular basis from Wandering Star Craft Brewery, Left Hand and Middle Ages. Unlike some of the other beer bars in Albany, we will always have cask and not just at events centered around the tapping of a 5 gallon pin once a month… But as you guys say, we DEFINITELY have work to do. I promise you this though. Our selection will be customer driven, we will always serve our beer properly and in a 20oz. Imperial Pint Glass, not some 14oz. thick glassed “cheater” pint. Our prices will be lower based on serving size compared to every other place in Albany.. Please email us at for comments, suggestions or questions. We have Wandering Star Red Nose Rye on Cask right now with Horation IPA on deck followed by Middle Ages Old Marcus… I’ll be there this Friday evening at 7pm and if you tell me you saw it here, I’ll pour you one on the house.

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