Lunch at Lost Nation Brewery | Morristown, VT

After one of my last beer runs up to Hill Farmstead I was looking for someplace new to hit for eats. Lost Nation is located just about halfway in between Greensboro and Waterbury, and after having their Gose several times on tap at many of the local Vermont bars and eateries it was a no brainer to make this one of my stops.

Yes, even after the previous evening filled with Zero Gravity’s Oktoberfest celebrations and bar hopping and bottle sharing in Waterbury, I managed to sit down and sample the beers Lost Nation had to offer. They do not offer half pours, but generous sample beers were available to help you make your decision.

I started off with their Rustic Ale, a crushable amber with some subdued malts and a bit of fresh hops in the finish. After that, I went with a from 3 Fonteinen. I didn’t really know what to expect with this lambic fermented porter, but the tartness was pretty subtle as it gave way to roastiness, a hint of smoke and chocolate notes. On a side note, it’s refreshing to see a brewpub offer guest taps. All too often I see brewpubs straining themselves to fill their tap lines, often brewing beers they do not excel at or limiting creativity in lieu of quantity of beers on tap. I haven’t seen this to be the case with Lost Nation and I would not hesitate picking up a growler of just about any of their beers.

After waiting a few hours in line at Hill Farmstead for Double Damon lunch was definitely in order. The stark black color of the balsamic pickled eggs contrasted with the bright white interior and yolk. While eating these I could help but think how amazing the balsamic flavor would pair well with these if they were made into deviled eggs. The gose braised pulled pork was outstanding, topped with a nice crunchy bread and some of the most delicious slaw I’ve had on the side. The whole dish was so simple, but so perfectly executed.

Given that Lost Nation uses a counter pressure growler machine, 64 ounce screw top growlers are the only thing they fill, so make sure you’re prepared. I grabbed a growler of the gose I promised to bring home to share with friends.

And because I’m a child, could help but chuckling to myself a bit when I saw this on the way out…

This is yet another of the countless places in Vermont that makes me think “Why can’t we have this in Upstate New York?” Lost Nation is an unassuming brewpub tucked away in an industrial park making interesting, sessionable beers and killer eats at great prices. Do yourself a favor and make this place a stop on your next trip to Vermont.

Lost Nation Brewery (link) | 254 Wilkins St Morristown, VT (map) | All Lost Nation Brewing Posts

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